Wisdom Project

TMartin Walkerhe Later Lifespan Development Service sponsors an ongoing study group called "The Wisdom Project," a monthly roundtable discussion among psychotherapists, consultants, and those active in addressing issues of aging in their respective organizations and communities. We believe that aging creates both new potentials and adverse challenges for ongoing health and well-being.  This monthly series of expert presentations and case studies seeks to establish the White Institute as a center for excellence in addressing the physical, emotional, andSue Sarlin cultural issues affecting the largest growing segment of our society.  With a focus on issues associated  with aging, the study group works to further the overall mission of the White Institute by paying special attention to the role of societal attitudes and their impact on individuals, families, and institutions.  All persons who are professionally involved in issues related to aging are encouraged to attend.  Those not previously affiliated with the White Institute are asked to email Susan Sarlin, L.C.S.W. at seeksu@msn.com or Martin Walker, Ph.D. at walkerdoc@aol.com to introduce themselves.