Psychoanalysis, Philosophy & Social Theory

Roger FrieThis ongoing study group looks at the way in which psychoanalysis is shaped by current themes in philosophy and social theory. It examines the changing nature of self, identity and the socio-cultural contexts in which we practice. The group is premised on the notion that the psychoanalyst is not only engaged in clinical work, but in an evolving philosophy of human nature. The readings seek to challenge and bring to light many of the implicit ideas and values that form the basis psychoanalytic practice. The reading are chosen together with group members, and engage current theories and debates, from the birth of modernism through postmodernism, hermeneutics and beyond.  The aim is to understand and contextualize ideas in a lively and coherent manner. The group meets once every month, usually on Fridays at 1pm. New members are always welcome. Please contact Roger Frie, Ph.D., Psy.D. at