Living with Medical Conditions

Ruth LivingstonThe Living with Medical Conditions (LMC) Study Group explores the psychoanalytic and interpersonal dimensions of chronic and acute physical conditions and illnesses. Our mission is to enhance understanding of the unique experience of medical illness as it is lived out in everyday life and intrapsychically.  The LMC Study Group is open to all members of the White community, as well as to mental health clinicians and medical personnel from outside the Institute (psychoanalysts, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and physicians). Others may join by special invitation. The group meets monthly, alternating between clinical presentations and dialogues with guests.  Guests may include medical experts such as doctors and nurses; bioethicists; authors writing about illness; spiritual advisors/clergy; caregivers, and persons who share their own personal experience with medical conditions.  For more information about the LMC Study Group, please contact Dr. Ruth Livingston at (917) 929-4742 or