Graduate Student Affiliate Program

The White Institute’s Affiliate Program is open to all graduate students in the mental health profession, including those in medical school, psychology graduate school, and graduate level social work programs.  These interested individuals are designated to be "Affiliates of the Institute" and receive the following benefits:

  • Affiliates are invited to selected meetings, and are eligible to attend certain courses and workshops.
  • Affiliates are invited to at least one yearly meeting devoted to contemporary developments and training opportunities in psychoanalysis.
  • Affiliates are invited to assist in Institute projects (such as the yearly conference sponsored by the PEP-CD-ROM, or research projects sponsored by the White Institute).
  • Affiliates have opportunities to discuss individual research plans; consider how to obtain clinical experience; learn how to obtain referrals for low-cost psychotherapy or psychoanalysis; and receive advice in career planning from a graduate psychoanalyst in his or her own professional field.


The Director of the Institute will personally be available to talk or meet with Affiliates, to discuss individual educational or professional questions, and, upon request, he will arrange an introduction to an Institute graduate who is willing to serve as an advisor, sounding board, informant, supervisor, or professional contact. Such interactions may occur in person for those in the New York metropolitan area, or by telephone or e-mail.


Even though it is difficult to incorporate psychodynamic thinking into undergraduate and even graduate training programs, we can help Affiliates find possibilities for learning about these ideas and become part of a professional community committed to exploring the vast unknown of the human unconscious. It is even possible to begin planning to pursue psychoanalytic training and to obtain assistance in doing so. The White Institute has made the commitment that every qualified professional who wishes to pursue psychoanalytic treatment or psychoanalytic training should be helped to do so.


If you still long for a meaningful career, one that will be endlessly fascinating and deeply fulfilling; if you remain curious about the human psyche; if you are willing to question the conventional wisdom and confront cynical stereotypes, then we at the William Alanson White Institute are available to help.


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