Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

register todayThe White Institute has two programs devoted to training clinicians who want to deepen their work with children, adolescents and parents: a three year program described below for professionals who have earned their academic degrees and a Child & Adolescent Externship for advanced Psychology graduate students.


This innovative and intensive three-year program presents a pluralistic approach to the psychodynamic understanding and treatment of children, adolescents, and their families. It is designed to provide comprehensive preparation for treating young people from infancy through late adolescence. The program's Interpersonal perspective, with its emphasis on the familial and cultural contexts within which any child develops, is enriched by ideas from the classical and relational schools.


The program was designed for the many professionals who work with children and feel the need to advance their clinical skills and understanding beyond that provided by their initial educational experiences. Intensive training in ongoing psychodynamic psychotherapy, including play therapy, is the core of the program. A carefully designed three- year curriculum as well as individual and group supervision, enrich the students' educational experiences and learning. Students will learn the elements of a comprehensive and multifaceted assessment of the child or adolescent in his individual, family and school context. Psychological testing and medication consultations are provided as needed. Treatment planning will be part of the assessment process. Based on our view that professional and personal growth are fundamentally linked, each student is expected to be in a concurrent personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


Students are encouraged to participate in all facets of Institute life including clinical meetings, conferences, and specialized services. With approval, they are eligible to take classes in the Institute’s Psychoanalytic Training Program. Graduates of the program are encouraged to continue participating in Institute activities.  Many move on to participate on Program committees, teaching and supervision.