Stephen Mitchell Collection

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Dr. Mitchell's reputation as a brilliant teacher was well established prior to his graduation from the White Institute in 1977. A seminal book, Object Relations in Psychoanalytic Theory, written with Dr. Jay Greenberg and published in 1983, was Stephen Mitchella major contribution to psychoanalytic theorizing and first brought the relational, interpersonal approach to the attention of the psychoanalytic world. In the 17 years following, Steve Mitchell continued to write at an astonishing pace, publishing many important papers and books, all of which are widely read. He also founded and edited the journal "Psychoanalytic Dialogues." He had a formidable intellect which he made generously available to students and colleagues. He taught, discussed, and debated with a swiftness and clarity that were both dazzling and daunting to his colleagues. His beauty and elegance of thought and of writing transformed abstruse doctrine into coherent concepts valuable to students and professionals at all levels of sophistication. Stephen Mitchell was eagerly sought as a psychoanalyst, a training analyst, a supervisor, a teacher, and a mentor. He was a deeply humane man: warm, boyishly charming, and truly loved. Those who were fortunate to know him well, were profoundly changed by his influence. Steve left an enduring legacy, as evidenced by the following articles published in Contemporary Psychoanalysis, among his many other works. Please consider a subscription to Contemporary Psychoanalysis.


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