Seminal Articles

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Darlene Ehrenberg

Since its inception, Contemporary Psychoanalysis has been a forum for leading writers who have shaped modern psychoanalytic thought. Below are some of the seminal articles published in Contemporary Psychoanalysis over the years. For a complete copy of the article, click on the appropriate reference.




Blechner, M. (1998). The analysis and creation of dream meaning: Interpersonal, intrapsychic, and neurobiological perspectives. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 34:181-194.


Blechner, M. (2005). The gay Harry Stack Sullivan: Interactions between his life, clinical work, and theoryContemporary Psychoanalysis, 41:1-19.


Bonime, W. (1982). Psychotherapy of the depressed patient. Contemporary Psychoanalysis 18: 173-189.


Bromberg, P. (1983). The mirror and the mask—On narcissism and psychoanalytic growth. Philip BrombergContemporary Psychoanalysis, 19:359-387.


Bromberg, P. (1996). Standing in the spaces: The multiplicity of self and the psychoanalytic relationship. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 32:509-535.


Ehrenberg, D. (1974). The intimate edge in therapeutic relatedness. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 10: 423-437.


Epstein, L. (1981).  Countertransference and judgments of fitness for analysis. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 17: 55-68.


Ghent, E. (1990).  Masochism, submission, surrender—Masochism as a perversion of surrender. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 26: 108-136.


Jay GreenbergGreenberg, J.R. (1986).  The problem of analytic neutralityContemporary Psychoanalysis, 22: 76-86.


Hoffman, I. (1983).  The patient as interpreter of the analyst's experience. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 19:389-422.


Levenson, E. (1989).  Whatever happened to the cat?—Interpersonal Edgar Levensonperspectives on the self. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 25:537-553.


Levenson, E. (1982).  Follow the fox—An inquiry into the vicissitudes of psychoanalytic supervision. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 18:1-15.


Mitchell, S. (1984).  Object relations theories and the developmental tilt. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 20:473-499.


Schimel, J. (1969).  Dream as transaction: An exercise in interpersonal theory. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 6:31-38.


Searles, H. (1977).  The analyst's participant observation as influenced by the patient's transference. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 13:367-370.


Stern, D. (1987).  Unformulated experience and transference. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 23:484-490.


Stern, D. (1990).  Courting surprise—Unbidden perceptions in clinical practiceContemporary Psychoanalysis, 26:452-478.

Alberta Szalita

Szalita, A. (1968).  Reanalysis. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 4:83-102.


Szalita, A.  (1971).  The relevance of family interviewing for psychoanalysis. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 8:31-43.



Kathleen White

White, K. (1991).  A home-in-the-mindContemporary Psychoanalysis, 27: 311-322.