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Rebecca Coleman Curtis, Ph.D. (2014) Systematic Research Supporting Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Treatments. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 50 (1)


Stephanie Lewin, Ph.D. (2013) Uncaging the Aggressor: Narrative-Identification in Work with an Obsessional Trauma Survivor Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 49 (4)


Don Greif, Ph.D. & Ruth Livingston, Ph.D. (2013) An Interview with Philip M. Bromberg Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 49 (3)


J. Allan Hobson (2013) EGO ERGO SUM: Toward a Psychodynamic Neurology Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 49 (2)


Pantone, Pasqual (2013) A Sea Change in Psychoanalysis Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 49 (1)


Crastnopol, Margaret (2012) Connoisseurship Gone Awry: A Micro-Traumatic Style of Relating Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 48(4)


Grossmark, Robert (2012) The Flow of Enactive Engagement Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 48(3)


Gaztambide, Daniel J. (2012). "A Psychotherapy for the People": Freud, Ferenczi, and Psychoanalytic Work with the Underprivileged Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 48(2)


Hunyady, Orsolya (2012). Herr Professor and His "Grand Vizir": The Freud/Ferenczi Relationship in Its Social Context Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 48(2)


Peri, Tuvia (2012). Between Ultimate Sacrifice and Yearning for Death: Midrash and Psychoanalysis on the Binding of Isaac Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 48(1)


Brady, Mary T. (2011). "Sometimes We are Prejudiced against Ourselves": Internalized and External Homophobia in the Treatment of an Adolescent Boy Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(4)


Eichler, R. (2011). The University as a (Potentially) Facilitating Environment. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(3)


Danto, E. (2011). An Anxious Attachment: Letters from Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Reich. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(2)


Lombardi, R. (2010). The Body, Feelings, and the Unheard Music of the Senses. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(1)


Mark Blechner

Blechner, M. (2010). Listening to the Body and Feeling the Mind.Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(1)


Dimen, M. (2010). Lapsus linguae, or A Slip of the Tongue? A Sexual Violation in an Analytic Treatment and Its Personal and Theoretical Aftermath. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 47(1)


Harris, A. (2010). Baseball's bisexuality. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 46(4), pp. 480-503

Gilligan, C. (2010). Free association and the grand inquisitor: A drama in four acts. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 46(3), pp. 311-333.William Lubart


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Lee Whitman-Raymond

Whitman-Raymond, L.M. (2009). The influence of class in the therapeutic dyad. Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Vol 45 (4) pp. 429-443.

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Edgar Levenson

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Sue KolodPsychoanalysis, 45: 26-43.

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John O'Leary

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