Training Expenses

Candidates incur expenses for tuition, some supervision, and their personal psychoanalysis.  For candiddates in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis, all tuition payments are made to the White Institute while the other fees are payable directly to the Supervising Analyst (where applicable) and the Training Analyst.  A significant portion of these expenses made be paid for with the proceeds of the optional clinic fellowship.  For candidates in the Licensure-Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis, tuition payments will also include payment of fees for supervision to the Institute.


Tuition: For both psychoanalytic training programs tuition is currently $6,300 per academic year beginning in September 2018, Elizabeth Hirkypayable in three installments at the beginning of each trimester. This fee covers all required courses and required electives for each of the first twelve trimesters. Candidates may also enroll in one additional elective course each semester without payment of additional fees. Candidates are also charged approximately $175 per year by the Registrar for reserve library fees and course materials.  Candidates in the Licensure-Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis will also be charged fees by the Institute for supervision (see below) in addition to other tuition payments. Tuition and other fees are subject to periodic review by the Board of Trustees.



Tuition and fees are payable in advance, except for any fees for supervision, which are billed monthly in arrears.  Admission to courses will be authorized only when fees and previous indebtedness are paid, unless arrangements are made with the Business Manager. Students who do not notify the Registrar of inability to attend a course prior to its first session will be charged one-half the fee for the course.  After the second session of the course the full tuition fee will be charged.  Candidates who extend their training past four years of full tuition payment pay reduced tuition during the fifth and six years as described below.



Supervision: For candidates in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis, fees for psychoanalysis under supervision are determined by mutual arrangement between each candidate and his or her Training or Supervising Analyst and are paid directly by the candidate to the Training or Supervising Analyst.  For candidates in the Licensure-Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis, fees will be billed by the Institute monthly in arrears and must be paid directly by the candidate to the Institute.  However, in both programs, fees for psychoanalytic supervision are not to exceed $60 per session.  Over the course of four years, candidates will incur at a minimum, $12,000 in supervisory expenses (200 hours at $60 per hour.)  If a traditional schedule is followed by the candidate, supervisory expenses will total approximately $1,500 during the first year of training.  The remaining supervision expenses will be payable over the second through fourth years of training, with the greatest expenses occurring during the third year.



For candidates in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis, no fees are charged for the 40 hours of supervision that candidates receive pursuant to the Psychotherapy Requirement.  In addition, candidates who participate in the Clinic Fellowship receive free supervision for the duration of their tenure in that program.



Personal Psychoanalysis: Fees for one’s personal psychoanalysis are determined by mutual arrangement between the candidate and his or her Training Analyst.  The Institute maintains a list of Training Analysts who have agreed to work with candidates whose financial situation requires an adjustment in their usual fees; these arrangements are made on a private and confidential basis.



Leave of Absence: Candidates may be granted a full or partial leave of absence for one academic year.  The White Institute will consider a leave of absence upon written application to the Director of Training and the leave of absence will only take effect once it is granted in writing.  Renewal or extension of such leaves must be requested separately and will not be renewed automatically without written request.



A full leave of absence means that candidates will not attend any courses nor will they receive credit for any supervision or personal psychoanalysis that they engage in during the period on leave.  The annual fee for a leave of absence is $500.



A partial leave of absence allows a student to curtail fulfillment of academic requirements.  A student granted a partial leave of absence will be responsible for 50% of the usual tuition for that trimester or academic year.  During the period on leave, the candidate will continue to incur the usual fees for supervision and personal psychoanalysis, if any.



All candidates who are not granted full or partial leaves of absence will be responsible for timely payment of full tuition, unless a formal arrangement for deferred payment is made with the Business Manager of the White Institute in advance.