Sexual Abuse Program

The William Alanson White Institute’s Sexual Abuse Referral Service was established in 1994 and has been revitalized and expanded.  It has an ongoing study program for candidates and graduates.  It also has a service component for the public.  This latter component provides a range of psychotherapy services for people who have experienced life-altering sexual trauma, or wonder if they have been sexually abused.  It also offers these services to people who are concerned that they may be using sex in self-destructive ways.



Services Offered to Individuals and Groups

The Sexual Abuse Service of the William Alanson White Institute offers the following services:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Groups for Men and Women with Abuse Histories
  • Couples Treatment

Apply to the Service if

  • Abuse is a source of worry or doubt
  • You or someone close to you has been sexually abused
  • You have a history of rape
  • You or someone close to you struggles with sexual addictions or compulsions

Most of our patients are working adults or students; some are family members applying on behalf of children and adolescents.


How to Apply for Treatment

To arrange for treatment with a member of the White Institute’s Sexual Abuse Service staff, please download the application and send a completed copy to the White Institute Clinic at 20 West 74th Street, New York, NY 10023.  Please write, “Attention: Sexual Abuse Service” on your application.  The Institute staff member who receives your application will make every effort to arrange an intake interview as quickly as possible.  Not everyone who applies can be accommodated, nor will the Institute’s services be appropriate for every applicant.  In such cases, the Sexual Abuse Service’s clinical staff will make every effort to provide referrals to alternative sources.


Fees for Psychotherapy

Fees for psychotherapy are set according to a moderate sliding scale based on financial ability, the type of therapy, and patient need. We also accept many insurance plans.


Staff of the Sexual Abuse Service

SAS therapists are all highly skilled mental health professionals who are graduates or current matriculants of the William Alanson White Institute.  The staff share a resolute belief in the capacity for human transformation, healing, and growth.



Ernesto Mujica, Ph.D.



Clinical Staff

Jill Bellinson, Ph.D.

Janet Benton, Psy.D.

Eric J Dammann, Ph.D.*

Alison Feit, Ph.D.

Cynthia Field, Ph.D.

Richard Gartner, Ph.D.**

Daniel Gensler, Ph.D.

Valentina Harrell, Ph.D.

Gail Harris, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Hegeman, Ph.D.

David Koch, Ph.D.

Karen Marisak, Ph.D.

Ernesto Mujica, Ph.D.

Sarah Stemp, Ph.D.

Edward Martin Walker, Ph.D.



*Coordinator of Referrals

** Founding Director