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CP Special Double Issue Preview

Date: Dec 17, 2020 12:00 pm



Changing the Conversation: 


Political and Clinical Issues on Race and Ethnicity


The Co-Editors of Contemporary Psychoanalysis announce the publication of issue 56:2/3, a special double issue entitled Changing the Conversation: Political and Clinical Issues on Race and Ethnicity.


This special edition of the journal evolved from a 2019 William Alanson White conference of the same name. Editors-in-Chief Ruth Livingston and Susan Fabrick invited Jean Petrucelli, Sarah Schoen, and Cleonie White to be guest editors.  


Articles in the issue grapple with racism among individuals, within psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic institutes, and in the wider culture. In addition to bringing a psychoanalytic perspective to this challenge, the goal – as Dr. Petrucelli writes in her introduction – is “to foster new and more effective conversations addressing the structural, educational, and interpersonal issues" that contribute to racism’s pernicious ongoing presence in our lives.


For access to three of the articles in this special issue, or to view the issue’s full Table of Contents, click on the linked titles below. Note that articles are available through these links until March 1, 2021.


Michelle Stephens:

Getting Next to Ourselves: The Interpersonal Dimensions of Double-Consciousness 


Chanda D. Griffin, Rossanna Echegoyén, and Julie Hyman

The Secret Society: Perspectives from a Multi-Racial Cohort


Gurmeet Kanwal

Outsiderness:  A Meditation in Six Visions


Issue 56:2/3 Table of Contents