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If you would like to apply for treatment at our center, please download and print out the Child & Family Center application and mail a completed copy to:


William Alanson White Institute
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You may also call our office at (212) 873-7070 for more information.


To protect confidentiality, we ask that you do not fax or email your child’s application to us.  Upon receipt of a completed application you will be contacted as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours) by our Director, Susan Rose, Ph.D.

The William Alanson White Institute Clinical Services

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20 West 74th Street, NY, NY 10023

Questions? Please call: (212) 873-7070


Bullying in schools has received a considerable amount of attention in the media over the last decade. Yet the tendency to deny this problem is sometimes so pronounced that some schools brand themselves as "bully free" institutions. In the end, the minimizing of the impact of these incidents, leave children and adolescents traumatized and scarred for many years.


Physical abuse, taunting, and exclusion of a child from popular groups and activities are some symptoms of bullying in schools. The victims are usually those students who are typically insecure, branded as "nerds”, “losers” or “geeks” and lack a circle of friends. Children who have been victims of bullying can develop symptoms of depression, school refusal, and social isolation.


The Center's interpersonal psychotherapy approach to this problem is ideally suited to help victims overcome the symptoms of bullying. The interactive and supportive one-to-one relationship with the therapist provides a unique framework for developing new interpersonal strategies and for beginning to heal a very damaged self-esteem.


If you think your child may be a victim of bullying the Child & Family Center’s highly trained child mental health professionals can help.


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The William Alanson White Institute established its award-winning, low-cost treatment center in 1948 to provide affordable psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to members of the community.  Since that time, thousands of individuals and families have been served by our highly skilled clinicians. Download the Child & Family Center application or call (212) 873-7070 for more information.