Relationship Psychotherapy Group


Psychotherapists from the White Institute are unique in their central focus on the ways people influence and respond to one another.  Group psychotherapy is a natural extension of this Interpersonal approach.


Are you frustrated with relationships that seem to go nowhere?


Do you find yourself going out with the same type of person over and over, and struggle with age-old issues?


Is it hard to end problematic relationships?


Do you feel alone or tend to isolate yourself, and have trouble initiating or sustaining friendships?


When you think about your past relationships, do you feel embarassed or despairing?


Do you feel anxious, angry, depressed, or ____ (fill in the blank) when you meet someone new?


Then join the William Alanson White Institute's Relationship Psychotherapy Group where you can work through these or other issues and build different kinds of relationships.


Group psychotherapy is a powerful space where you can explore interpersonal dynamics and develop new ways to understand yourself and engage with other people.  How does group psychotherapy help? Group gives you a place to


  • Learn from other peoples' experiences
  • Become aware of contributing factors that may bog you down
  • Explore new ways of engaging with other people in the safety of the group

Come and gain the self-awareness and life experiences that can help you move forward.


Psychotherapists from the White Institute's Clinical Services are meeting with potential members of a Relationship Psychotherapy Group. It is open to all people of all genders and sexual orientations. The group meets Monday evenings for 1-1/2 hours, allowing each participant ample time to interact and process what occurs. The fee for this group is $50.


If you are interested in the Relationship Psychotherapy Group, please fill out an application and mark the "Group" circle.  After we receive your application, the group leadfers will meet with you to determine if you will be best served by this kind of therapy.