Clinical Services

William Alanson White Institute Clinic 


Our Clinical Services: Founded in 1948, this award-winning low cost treatment center, served by highly skilled clinicians,  provides affordable services to members of the community. Initially, services were offered to  adults seeking psychotherapy and psychoanalysis;  it has since expanded to include children, adolescents and their families.


Adult Treatment Services: The Adult Clinic offers general psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  Psychotherapy is offered once or twice weekly. Psychoanalysis is offered to those who would like to work intensively for a minimum of three times per week.  Fees are adjusted to the patient's resources. 



Child & Family Center is directed by senior psychologists who have worked with children both in private practice and in a wide variety of settings for many years.  All services are informed by an active engagement with families, schools, and other professionals who  work with the child.  A warm, open-minded and non authoritarian stance provides a felt cushion of safety which makes a difference to the people served by this Center.