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LGBTQ Study Group: Tey Meadow, Ph.D.

Date: 3 2021 08:30



Tey Meadow, Ph.D.  



Being Gendered: Some Thoughts on Trans Kids and their Adult Companions



Wednesday March 3, 2021


8:30 - 10:00 pm (EST)



via Zoom



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Something about gender is changing. Where generations of parents once sent children who defied gender norms for psychiatric treatment aimed at cure, many parents now do the exact opposite: they agree to call their children new names, buy them new clothes, and even approach social institutions to change their gender classifications. Intricate relational processes structure gender acquisition in the 21st-century. Whereas once atypical gender was considered a failure of gender, now it is a form of gender – a form ever more intricately articulated, intrapsychically experienced, and deeply tied to and embedded within social institutions. This talk will examine the rapidly proliferating universe of gendered subjectivities, their intersubjective constitutions, and the new intimacies they invite, even demand.



Presenter bio:  


Tey Meadow is associate professor of sociology at Columbia University. She is an ethnographer and in-depth interviewer, whose scholarship spans the domains of gender, sexuality, intimacies, law and the family. Her 2018 book, Trans Kids: Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century, is a trenchant ethnographic study of the first generation of parents actively facilitating gender nonconformity in children. Trans Kids has received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Scholarly Book Award from the American Sociological Association the Prose Award. She is also the co-editor of Other Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology. Her writing has appeared in academic and cultural journals, major news magazines and several edited volumes. She is currently at work on two new book projects.


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