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White Society Colloquium: Joy Ladin, PhD

Date: 12 2021 20:00



We Pass for What We Are: Otherness and Humanness



Friday, March 12th




Presenter: Joy Ladin, PhD



*This event will be held via Zoom



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Using Emerson's “Self-Reliance” and her personal transgender experience as jumping off points, the speaker posits otherness—individuals' awareness of not completely fitting existing cultural categories—as a foundational human condition.  From this perspective, identities, normative or not, become what Emerson calls ways of “passing for what we are,” compromises that help us relate to one another but never fully account for the richness, messiness, and dynamism of being human. 



Dr. Ladin is Chair in English, Yeshiva University and a Board Member at Keshet, a national organization devoted to full inclusion of LGBTQ people in Jewish life