Speakers Bureau Topics

Members of the White Institute community are often called upon to lend ther expertise an array of isues including those listed below.  Please contact  Dr. Evelyn Hartman if you are interested in a topic that is not listed.

Chris Bonovitz


Managing anger
Bipolar disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of psychosomatic disorders
Depression in children, adolescents and adults/ treatment
What we can do as psychoanalysts?
Compulsive and impulsive problems
Adolescent rebellion
Boundary and ethical issues in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis and religion
Use of second language in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
Does psychoanalysis work or is it just a lot of talk?
Transference love and counter-transference love
Forensic mental health
Child custody evaluations
Woman and anger
Bi-lingual and multi-lingual therapy
Addictions and psychotherapy


Fame and celebrity
Interrelationship of psychological process and artistic experience
Psychoanalysis and film
Multicultural upbringing
Psychotherapy for artists
Implications of inherited wealth
Race/ racial identity
Developmental issues for children and adolescents in the arts
Social dreaming
Women and minority issues in the arts


Degenerative illness
Eating Disorders/ substance abuse
Psychosomatic illness
Recent advances in fertility preservation
Living with chronic illness
HIV and your mental health
Menopause and its effects on relationships
Psychopharmacology and psychotherapy
Juvenile diabetes
Substance abuse



Ken Eisold


So you’ve got a new role at work: What influences how people take up their roles?

Understanding the complexity of organizational life

Family businesses: Making sense of both business and family dynamics
Managing in mental health organizations

Departments, divisions, hierarchies: How do they and other boundaries affect how work gets done?

Diversity and differences: What are these about?

Leading productive work groups
Managing complex projects: Understanding key dynamics

What’s under the surface in groups and organizations?

Managing change: Understanding the nature of change and our resistance to change
Building resilient organizations

What gets in the way of a satisfying work life?

Leading and managing in uncertain times

Understanding authority in the work place

Mission, vision and the organization’s task: Where’s the potential conflict?

When cross-functional teams don’t work well: Organizational conflicts and systems thinking

How to use your experience in the moment to help you lead and work more effectively

What gets in the way of organizational purpose?


Human security and dignity/hatred
National and international relations, conflicts/ elections
Interpersonal psychoanalysis in the world arena
The use and abuse of power
One Genocide Later/ Itsembatsemba, Rwanda


Nancy Freeman


Love triangles
Gay and lesbian issues
Emotional intelligence
Importance of self-esteem
Social dreaming

Analyzing personal and public photographs
Pornography and psychoanalysis
Parenting/ marital issues
Interpersonal theories
Dealing with loss
Alone and loneliness
Discovering the wisdom in elder tales



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“P.T.S.D.”): working with survivors of abuse and torture
Sexual abuse
Incest survival
Trauma and artistic expression
Inhumane crimes and their healing
Children and trauma




Professional ambition
Midlife career transitions
Work and family balance
Fear of success
Self defeating behavior
Commitment to career in the face of obstacles
Impact of unemployment