William Alanson White Institute Psychotherapy Case Presentation Award

Currently enrolled graduate students, residents and interns and those who have graduated with a terminal degree after May 2014 are invited by the William Alanson White Institute to participate in the competition. Candidates at psychoanalytic institutes and any person affiliated with the William Alanson White Institute are not eligible.

Submit a psychotherapy case write up of 15-20 double-spaced pages depicting a treatment that has been ongoing for at least four months.  The paper may reflect your work in an intensive outpatient therapy or treatment of an inpatient or an outpatient with severe mental illness.

The submission should include a theoretical introduction, a description of initial presenting problems, diagnostic impressions, a summary of the clinical work, a description of how the supervision affected the work, and verbatim examples of the exchanges between the therapist and patient.


The winner will receive a $500 award and will be given the opportunity to present the paper at a White Institute Clinical Education Meeting. Submitted case presentations will be considered for publication in the Institute's quarterly journal, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, which will retain the right of first refusal to publish the case if you wish to submit it for publication.


Submission requirements:

  • Submit materials both electronically (in Word format) and as a hard copy.
  • Put your name, your contact information and your supervisor's name on the cover sheet.
  • Make sure your submission follows the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association in regard to confidentiality.
  • The paper, including references, should be formatted following the latest edition of the APA style manual.
  • Include a letter from your program director attesting to your good standing in your department.
  • Include a copy of your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Complete submissions must be received by February 19, 2016 as follows:
  • Digital copy to
  • One hard copy mailed to:
    Cynthia Field, Ph.D.
    Director of Outreach & Recruitment
    William Alanson White Institute
    20 West 74th Street
    New York, NY, 10023

For questions or inquiries contact Cynthia Field, Ph.D., at