Psychoanalytic Training at the White Institute. Featuring Joerg Bose, Philp Bromberg, Darlene Ehrenberg, Jay Greenberg, Sue Kolod, Edgar Levenson, Hal Reiter and Melissa Ritter. 2009.

Philip Bromberg. Truth, Human Relatedness and the Analytic Process: An Interpersonal Relational Perspective. 2009.

On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, we had the third program in our White Society Colloquium Series, "More Simply Human…" taken from Sullivan's famous quote "everyone is more simply human than otherwise."  Our goal is to honor Sullivan's ideal by having speakers who present their work with great compassion and understanding, who are most open to their own humanness in their work, and who can speak to us simply, openly, and humanly and with deep consideration for the people they treat.  These are the speakers who inspire us to be better.  On this occasion, our speaker was Dr. Philip Bromberg who gave a talk entitled "Sullivan as Pragmatic Visionary: Operationalist and OperRelationalist."