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Suzanne Little,The White Society is an organization of graduates of the White Institute's Adult Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis. The Society exists to benefit Society members professionally within the Society and in the community at large. Its primary purpose is to promote continued education and professional development of its members.  An additional purpose is to support the White Institute, contributing to its continued evolution and development in ways that are consistent with the values of our Society.



Current Officers


*Nancy Nereo, Ph.D.

Past President:

*Cleonie White, Ph.D.

President Elect:
*David Braucher, L.C.S.W, Ph.D.


*Helen Fronshtein, Ph.D.

*Albert Banta, Ph.D.

Liaison Officer (BOT)
Sheila Brown, Ph.D.

Liaison Officer
Karen Marisak, Ph.D.
Toni Andrews, Ph.D.

*Voting Members

Committees and Chairs

Program Committee:

Nancy Nereo, Ph.D. (Chair)

Philip Bromberg, Ph.D.

Phillip Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

Alice Sohn, Ph.D.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis:

Susan Fabrick, LCSW & Ruth Livingston, Ph.D.

Crisis Committee:

Sarah Stemp, Ph.D.

Committee of Professional Conduct:

Diane Goldkopf, Ph.D

Gloria Friedman Memorial Committee:

Sheila Brown, Ph.D.

Membership Committee:

Bernard Gertler, Ph.D.

Nominations Committee:

David Braucher, LCSW, Ph.D.


Debra Farbman, Ph.D. & Philip Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

Current Members

Past Presidents

Clara Thompson, M.D., 1952, deceased

Edward S. Tauber, M.D., 1953, deceased

Janet Rioch Bard, M.D., 1954, deceased

Ralph M. Crowley, M.D., 1955, deceased

Meyer Maskin, M.D., 1956, deceased

Ruth Moulton, M.D., 1957, deceased

Bertram Schaffner, M.D., 1958, deceased

Harry Bone, Ph.D., 1959, deceased

Earl G. Witenberg, M.D. 1960, deceased

Milton Mazer, M.D., 1961

Rose Spiegel, M.D., 1962, deceased

Gerard Chrzanowski, M.D., 1963, deceased

Silvano Arieti, M.D., 1964, deceasedRollo May

Miltiades Zaphiropoulos, M.D., 1965 deceased

Rollo May, Ph.D., 1966, deceased

Charles Clay Dahlberg, M.D. 1967, deceased

John L. Schimel, M.D., 1968, deceased

Irving Sarnoff, M.D., 1969

Edward M.L. Burchard ,Ph.D,1970, deceased

Edwin Kasin, M.D., 1971, deceased

Sidney S. Goldensohn, M.D., 1972, deceased

Max Deutcher, Ph.D., 1973, deceased

Nathan StockhamerEdward S. Tauber, M .D., 1974, deceased

Louis C. English, M.D., 1975, deceased

Amnon Issacharoff, M.D., 1976

Anna M. Antonovsky, Ph.D., 1977

Myer D. Mendelson, M.D., 1978, deceased

David E. Schecter, M.D., 1979, deceased

Leopold Caligor, Ph.D., 1980, deceased

Lawrence Epstein, Ph.D., 1981, deceased

Leo Kovar, M.D., 1982, deceased

Murray Krim, Ph.D., 1983

Philip M. Bromberg, Ph.D., 1984

Carola H. Mann, Ph.D., 1985

Leah Davidson, M.D., 1986

Arthur Gottdiener, Ph.D., 1987, deceased

Allison RosenRaul I. Ludmer, M.D., 1988

Robert B. Shapiro, Ph.D., 1989

Gloria Friedman, Ph.D., 1990, deceased

Jonas Cohler, Ph.D., 1991, deceased

Sheila Feig Brown, Ph.D., 1992

Nathan Stockhamer, Ph.D., 1993

Richard S. Briggs, Ph.D., 1994

Dale Ortmeyer, Ph.D., 1995

John V. O'Leary, Ph.D., 1996

Allison Stern Rosen, Ph.D., 1997

John O'LearyRobert I. Watson, Jr., Ph.D., 1998

Ruth Szmarag, M.D., 1999

Elizabeth Hegeman, Ph.D., 2000

M. Margit Winckler, Ph.D., 2001

Rebecca Curtis, Ph.D., 2002

Clark Sugg, M.D., 2003

Gurmeet Kanwal, M.D., 2004

Gilead Nachmani, Ph.D., 2005

Clark Sugg, M.D., 2006

Valentina Harrell, Ph.D., 2007

Lori Bohm

Seth Aronson, Psy.D., 2008

Paul Lippmann, Ph.D., 2009

Lori Bohm, Ph.D., 2012