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The Couples Therapy Training and Education Program (CTTEP)


Starts in September 2017


The Program


We are quite pleased to introduce the Couples Therapy Training and Education Program (CTTEP) at the White Institute.   CTTEP starts in September, 2017 as a thirty-week (one year) certificate program that follows the White Institute calendar. The program has as its mission to educate and train mental health professionals, licensed in their respective fields, in psychoanalytic-systemic couples therapy.  CTTEP emphasizes Interpersonal Psychoanalytic-Systemic Couples Therapy, but the training includes additional psychoanalytic-systemic points of view.  Our approach both in our theory of technique, and our practical guidance about intervening is defined by integrating core psychoanalytic constructs with constructs that define systems work.  For example, we integrate  the inevitability and usefulness of transference/countertransference phenomena and the enactment in the therapy of the therapeutic issues with the interlocking co-construction of couples’ problems, triangulation and the intergenerational transmission of unresolved issues that constrain couples’ interactional experiences and choices.



There are three components to the program, which must all be taken: didactics, group case conferences, and off-site one to one supervision.  Trainees must complete 20 hours of work with a couple or summatively with more than one couple. One-and-a-half hour classes followed by one-hour case seminars will take place on Fridays from 12:15–3 at the Institute (20 West 74th Street).  The time for the required once weekly off-site supervision will be agreed upon between the trainee and the supervisor.  The cost of the program is $2500.00 plus a weekly fee paid directly to the supervisor of $60 a session. Additionally, there is a non-refundable application processing fee of $50.00.  Applicants must be licensed to practice therapy in their respective fields, and must submit with the application a copy of their current license, their current registration, and their current professional liability insurance.


There will be seven didactic modules over the course of the thirty weeks.  These classes include but are not limited to: How to begin and sustain a psychoanalytic couples treatment; couples dynamics expressed in classical and popular art; issues of class and race in couples; how to get couples talking about sex; LGBTQ partners; when couples seek treatment as parents; and strategies with high conflict couples.  The three consecutive ten-week case conferences, led by three different faculty members, offer case consultation to each trainee in turn with all students present.  Each student will have presented a case for two weeks by the end of the three group case conferences. One-to-one off-site supervision takes place in the supervisor’s office for thirty weeks.




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Applicants must be licensed in their respective field and must have a couple in their practice or anticipate having a couple by October 2017.  Prospective trainees will be interviewed after the CTTEP Executive Committee receives the application, two letters of recommendation, the scanned copy of the license, the scanned copy of the up-to-date registration, and the up-to-date professional liability insurance of the applicants, as well as the processing fee.  We strongly encourage each applicant to have engaged in or to be engaged in his/her/their own therapy/analysis as we believe it enhances and complements overall growth in the program.



We thank you very much for your interest and welcome hearing from you. If you have questions not answered by the above description, you may inquire of any of the executive committee of the couples program, which consists of the following members:



Shelly Goldklank, Ph.D.,        Director

Ethan Graham, Ph.D.,           Co-director

Lawrence O. Brown, Ph.D.,   Consultant



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