Standing and Other Committees

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Division I Training Committee

Seth Aronson, Psy.D, Director

Toni Andrews, Ph.D.

Susan Fabrick, M.A., L.C.S.W.

Elizabeth Krimendahl, Psy.D.

Sharon Kofman, Ph.D.

Emily Kuriloff, Psy.D.

Robert Langan, Ph.D.

Gilead Nachmani, Ph.D.

Marcelo Rubin, Ph.D.

Alan Schwartz, M.D.

Division I Curriculum Committee

Deborah Fraser, Ph.D., Director

Joerg Bose, M.D.

Victoria Malkin, Ph.D.

Alice Sohn, Ph.D.

David Thurn, Ph.D


Division I Committee on Appointments and Promotions
Ruth Imber, Ph.D., Chair

Joerg Bose, M.D.

Evelyn Hartman, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Hegeman, Ph.D.
Jenny Kaufmann, Ph.D.

Sharon Kofman, Ph.D.

William Lubart, Ph.D.

Marcelo Rubin, Ph.D.
Steven Tublin, Ph.D.


Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program Executive Committee:

Jacqueline Ferraro ,D.M.H., Director
Daniel Gensler, Ph.D., Director of Training
Susan Rose, Ph.D., Director of Child and Family Center
Gary Schlesinger, Ph.D., Director of Colloquium
Robert Gaines, Ph.D., Director of Recruitment

Daniel Gensler

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program Training Committee:
Daniel Gensler Ph.D., Director of Training
Robert Gaines, Ph.D.
Susan Rose, Ph.D.
Marcelo Rubin, Ph.D.
Robin Shafran, Ph.D.
Sam Weisman, Ph.D.


Financial Aid Committee

Elizabeth Krimendahl, Psy.D., Director of the Institute


Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions Service
Steering Committee
Jean Petrucelli, Ph.D., Director
Jacqueline Ferraro, D.M.H.
Elizabeth Halsted, Ph.D.
Jill Howard, Ph.D.
Sue Kolod, Ph.D.
Anne Malave, Ph.D.
Janet Tintner, Psy.D.

Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program
Miri Abramis, Ph.D., Director
Carmen Grau, Ph.D.
Zev Labins, M.D.
Richard Loewus, Ph.D.
Sarah Sternklar, Ph.D.
Carrie Woldenberg, Psy.D.


Outreach and Recruitment Committee
Alan Slomowitz, PhD, Director


Technology and Global Learning Committee

Maria Nardon, Ph.D., Director


Center for Public Mental Health

Maria Nardon, Ph.D., Director