Sandra Buechler, Ph.D.

This past Wednesday evening, September 12, 2012, an overflow crowd at the Institute was given the extraordinary treat of a wonderful talk by Sandra Beuchler entitled "My Personal Interpersonalism"  followed by a great discussion by John O'Leary.  This was the first of the White Society's Colloquium Series for the year.  The theme of the series, "More Simply Human...," was beautifully embraced by Dr. Beuchler who presented a gorgeously written, clear, personal, literate, and  and yet also importantly theoretical paper about how our essential human characteristics of emotional motivation, character style, and defenses come to play in our clinical work where we are alike but also different, where each participant brings out certain aspects of the other, and where we can know about the others experience but always limited by our own ways of experiencing.  How she was able to engage with and enlarge our program theme was a delight. John O'Leary's perfectly attuned discussion illustrated Sandra's ideas with a compelling clinical example.


I am grateful to Sandra and John.  The program was inspiring, leaving me and I believe many others with an enriched understanding of ourselves and our work.


I want to thank again the other members of the Program Committee: Bill Lubart, Ernesto Mujica, Karen Gennaro, and especially our dedicated and creative chair, Jill Bellinson.  I am also enormously grateful to every member of the Institute staff since each one has had a role in helping to stage this program, but special thanks go to Elizabeth Rodman.


It was great to see so many of you at the colloquium.   I hope you will consider coming to our two October events.


On Friday, October 12, Nancy McWilliams will be giving a talk entitled "Sensitivity and It’s Discontents."  Joyce Slochower will be the discussant and Karen Gennaro will moderate.  This is the only Friday night event in the series.  It is co-sponsored by the Sullivan Society.


On Wednesday, October 24, Philip Bromberg will give a paper entitled "Sullivan as Pragmatic Visionary: Operationalist and OperRelationalist."


Karen Marisak