Faculty & Supervisors

CAPTP Executive Committee

Marcelo Rubin, Ph.D., Director

Daniel Gensler Ph.D.,  Director of TrainingJacqueline Ferraro

Jacqueline Ferraro, D.M.H., Director of Curriculum

Susan Rose, Ph.D., Director of the Child and Family Center

Lisa Dubinsky, Psy.D., Director of Colloquium

Robert Gaines, Ph.D., Director of Recruitment



Co-Directors of Admission

Lisa Dubinsky, Psy.D., M.S.W.



Seth Aronson

Faculty and supervisors are graduates of the White Institute and other centers of advanced training, each of whom is distinguished by a particular area of expertise. The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program’s faculty and supervisors are lsited below.


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program
Faculty & Supervisors

Neil Altman, Ph.D.

Seth Aronson, Psy.D.

Ron Balamuth, Ph.D.

Lawrence Balter, Ph.D.

Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.

Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D.

Jill Bellinson, Ph.D.

Patricia Bellucci, Ph.D.

Sarah Bench, Ph.D.

Hector Bird, M.D.

Christopher Bonovitz, Psy.D.

Richard Briggs, Ph.D.

Sheila Feig Brown, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Cecil, L.C.S.W.Etty Cohen

Etty Cohen, Ph.D.

Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D.

William Davis, Ph.D.

Lisa Dubinsky, Psy.D., M.S.W.

Carol Eagle, Ph.D.

Richard Eichler, Ph.D.

Susan Fabrick, M.A., C.S.W.

Jacqueline Ferraro, D.M.H.

Elsa First, M.A.

Jay Frankel, Ph.D.

Anne Fribourg, Ph.D.

Robert Gaines, Ph.D.

Richard Gartner, Ph.D.

Daniel Gensler, Ph.D.

Todd Germain, L.C.S.W., OTR

Dodi Goldman, Ph.D.

Skye Haberman, Ph.D.

Mara Heiman, L.C.S.W.

Stuart Kantor, Ph.D.

Constance Katz, Ph.D.

Sharon Kofman, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Krimendahl, Psy.D.

Maria Lakis, Ph.D.

Jo Lang, Ph.D.

Marylou Lionells, Ph.D.

John Mathews, Ph.D.

Vanessa McGann, Ph.D.

Andrew Morrell, Ph.D.

Gilead Nachmani

Gilead Nachmani, Ph.D.

Pasqual Pantone, Ph.D.

Daniel Pilowsky, M.D.

Billie Pivnick, Ph.D.

Susan Rose, Ph.D.

Sherry Ross, Ph.D.

Marcelo Rubin, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Sacks, D.O.

Pascal Sauvayre, Ph.D.

Gary Schlesinger, Ph.D.

Elaine Seitz, Ph.D.

Robin Shafran, Ph.D.

William Solodow, Ph.D.

Wally Spear, Ph.D.

Stanley Spiegel, Ph.D.

Sarah Stemp, Ph.D.

Steven Tuber, Ph.D.

Susan Warshaw, Ed.D.

Sara Weber, Ph.D.

Samuel Weisman, Ph.D.

Margit Winkler, Ph.D.

Debora Worth, L.C.S.W.