Adult Program Reading Lists

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Evolution of Psychoanalytic Concepts I, Jay Greenberg
Beginning the Treatment, Gary Schlesinger
Landmarks in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, Lori Bohm and Robert Langan
Evolution of Psychoanalytic Concepts II, Jay S. Kwawer
Psychoanalytic Theory in Everyday Practice, Richard Loewus
Evolution of the Person in Childhood and Adolescence, Robert Shapiro
Dreams - Introductory Seminar, Mark Blechner
Sullivan and the Beginnings of Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, Marcelo Rubin
Clinical Implications of Developmental Research, Sheila Brown
Psychoanalysis in Context, Pascal Sauvayre
Psychopathology- Issues of Diagnosis, Sandra Buechler and Gurmeet Kanwal
The Analytic Interaction, Pasqual Pantone and Warren Wilner
Modern Interpersonal and Relational Perspectives, Emily Kuriloff
Ethics in Psychoanalytic Practice, Anton Hart & Melissa Ritter
Advanced Dream Seminar, Paul Lippmann
Contemporary Kleinian Viewpoints, Seth Aronson
Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein, Seth Aronson
Winnicott’s Contribution, Dodi Goldman
Comparative Theories of Therapeutic Action, Christopher Bonovitz
Working Psychoanalytically, Amnon Issacharoff and Gilead Nachmani
Current Theories Of Gender And Sexuality. Sue Kolod and William Lubart
Psychoanalysis: Race, Class, Culture, Difference, Ricardo Arango
Kohut, Self Psychology and Current Derivatives, Joerg Bose
Faculty and Candidate Presentations, Anton Hart and Sue Kolod
Advanced Interpersonal and Relational Theories and Technique, Stefan Zicht
Contemporary Kleinian Viewpoints, Seth Aronson
Trauma and Dissociation, Grant Brenner
Contemporary Freudian – Classical Positions, Ruth Imber
Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis, Christina Sekaer

Comparative Study of Psychoanalytic Concepts, Donnel Stern
Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma, Sharon Kofman