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How to Help Your Teen Manage Climate Change Anxiety

Date: Jan 15, 2020 7:30 am



The Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Graduate Society

William Alanson White Institute

20 West 74th Street

New York, NY


Wednesday January 15, 2020

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

How to Help Your Teen Manage Climate Change Anxiety


Presenter:   Judy Schneier, LCSW

Judy’s presentation is designed for concerned adults who want to help teens deal with climate change anxiety. She will offer tools to deal with the stress inherent in thinking realistically about this issue, including self-care, mental framing, the art of tolerating uncertainty and the importance of a supportive community. She will also focus on the essential task of becoming an agent of change rather than a victim.  Research has shown this is the best antidote to despair. In order to do this effectively, Judy’s talk includes the basic facts about climate change including the consequences we already see and those we can expect. It includes a discussion of the bell curve of anxiety and how anxiety can motivate action rather than paralyze us. In addition, she will clarify actions that are actually significant for changing course on climate change in this urgent moment.  Judy believes that we have to be honest with ourselves about our situation and what constitutes effective action in order to truly help our kids see a way forward.

Judy Schneier, LCSW is a graduate of Barnard College (BA Philosophy), NYU School of Social Work,  and the Child and Adolescent Program at the William Alanson White Institute.  She has worked in clinic and school settings and currently maintains a full-time private practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Judy first learned about climate change in 2006 by reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s series in the New Yorker.  She joined forces with two women to produce two climate change education events at Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn. She facilitated viewings of the anti-fracking documentary Gasland, at the Old Stone House in Washington Park. In 2018 Judy, as a member of the  Sweet Action Poetry Collective, helped create a fundraiser to support the work of 350.org and 350Brooklyn.org. She has attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training.

Judy has two teenage sons.


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