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LGBTQ Study Group: Bisexuality

Date: Oct 2, 2019 8:30 am


The LGBTQ Study Group of the William Alanson White Institute invites you to a conversation with:

Katharina Rothe, Ph.D.

"Bisexuality: The Freudian sexual and bisexuality as transformative forces that subvert the gender binary"

Wed. October 2, 2019

8:30 - 10:00pm
William Alanson White Institute
‪20 W. 74 St., Room 3A

Since the beginning of psychoanalytic explorations of what it means to become a gendered and sexed subject, we have been grappling with the complexities of sexual desire, object choice and identifications. This talk will explore the complexities of the intertwined development of gender and sexual identities within a societal order that is organized through binaries of masculinity versus femininity and heterosexuality versus homosexuality. The notion of “psychic bisexuality,” as coined by Freud, will be shown to contribute to our understanding of the complexities of the intertwined developments of gender and sexual identities. I will present clinical materials for illustration.

Katharina Rothe, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychosocial researcher. She is a graduate of psychoanalytic training at the W. A. White Institute, where she also teaches the course Gender, Sex & Sexuality. Alongside maintaining a private practice in New York City, she is widely published in academic journals and books on psychoanalysis, qualitative methods in psychoanalytic social research, sex and gender, anti-Semitism, racism, the aftermath of National Socialism and the Holocaust. She is a co-editor of the German journal Psychoanalyse. Texte zur Sozialforschung [Psychoanalysis, Contributions to Social Research] and an associate editor of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Currently, she is translating the essay In-Depth Hermeneutical Cultural Analysis (1986) by the late psychoanalyst, sociologist and Critical Theorist Alfred Lorenzer [1922-2002].


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$95 for year-long attendance
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**Pizza and prosecco will be served.**
**All are welcome to attend.**

For inquiries regarding the LGBTQ Study Group please contact
Esin Egit, Ph.D. (Chair): e.egit@wawhite.org