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CANCELLED: The Autism Spectrum: From Infancy through Childhood

Date: Mar 12, 2018 7:45 pm


The Autism Spectrum:  From Infancy through Childhood

ONLINE course

Class Schedule:


March 12, 19 and 26, 2018

7:45 pm to 9:15 pm.

4.5 CEUs

Registration Fee $150

Instructor:  Susan Rose, Ph.D.

Sponsored by the White Institute Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program



This three-week online course will focus on autism spectrum disorders from the first appearance of autism as a diagnostic category in the 1940’s, to it’s current conceptualization as a spectrum disorder or set of disorders.  We will look at how the defining characteristics of autism spectrum disorders manifest at different developmental stages of childhood, discuss treatment approaches, and examine the role of psychodynamic thinking in working with children on the spectrum and their families.  Class members will have the opportunity to bring clinical material for discussion.


This course is intended for professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the autism spectrum, as well as those already working in this area.


The course will be conducted via ZOOM, an online interactive, HIPPA compliant teaching medium which is used by many universities for interactive distance learning.



Susan Rose, Ph.D. is a practicing Clinical Psychologist/ in Manhattan and Westchester.  She is a graduate of the Certificate in Psychoanalysis/William Alanson White Institute and Director/Child and Family Center at the William Alanson White Institute.  She is a faculty and supervisor in the Psychoanalytic Program and the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program/William Alanson White Institute. She is an adjunct clinical supervisor at City College’s Clinical Psychology Program. She works with many children on the autism spectrum individually and in groups.




Learning Objectives of this course:


  1. To be able to discuss the broad overview of the history of autism spectrum disorders.
  2. To be able to articulate the core issues and challenges of autism spectrum                           disorders as they present at different developmental stages from infancy through childhood.
  3. To be able to explain the utilization of a psycho-dynamically minded

approach to working with these children and their families.