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White Society Colloquium: From Out of Nowhere; Paradox of Unconscious Experience

Date: Dec 1, 2017 8:00 pm
Warren Wilner, PhD
From Out of Nowhere; Paradox of Unconscious Experience
Discussants: Burton Budick, Ph.D., Professor of Physics at NYU and  Lewis Aron, Ph.D.
Friday, December 1, 8pm-9:30pm

Using material from physics, linguistics, philosophy and other disciplines, I hope to introduce a view of unconscious experience that can expand our view of the unconscious and its clinical utility beyond our present psychoanalytic orientations and metapsychological perspectives. Central to this presentation is the examination of the at once nebulous and possibly direct relationship between unconscious experience and the apprehension of reality, a relationship that challenges, as I see it, the current psychoanalytic emphasis on subjective experience, as in the view, for example, of perception as interpretation, and of our use of the concept of psychic reality.


Learning objectives:


1.To help sensitize clinicians to the emergence of their own and patients' unconscious experience.


2. To evoke our thinking about what unconscious experience is, especially with regard to utilizing other disciplines to deepen and broaden our thinking.


Warren Wilner, Ph.D.: Faculty, training analyst and supervising analyst at the William Alanson White Institute; Faculty and supervising consultant at the New York University Postdoctoral Program; author of some 25 published papers in psychoanalysis, with an emphasis on the experiential nature of the analytic process; private practice in New York City.