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Detailed Listening from a Comparative Point of View: Placing your Theory on the Couch

Date: Feb 22, 2017 12:00 pm



Dates: 4 sessions-February 22nd, March 1st, March 8th, March 15th

Time: 12 PM - 1:30 PM

Price: $100

Sponsored by the Center for Applied Psychoanalysis (CAPsa) in conjunction with the Technology and Global Learning Committee

The course will be broadcast over Zoom, a video conference platform, which offers participants HD video and high quality audio for a fully interactive experience between participants and the Instructor.


Instructor: Ira Moses, Ph.D., ABPP


Course description: Placing your Theory on the Couch will critique ways of listening to the material and engaging the patient by reviewing the details of published psychoanalytic transcripts.   There are many points in the treatment where the clinician may opt to intervene (or not) depending on one's model of treatment. Since our treatment model is often shaped by our previous supervisors, therapists, and clinical experiences, our way of listening may be enhanced or diminish by these influences.  In examining the transcripts questions will be debated about the "when" and "how" of addressing the patient's affect, defenses, characterological patterns, acting out, transference, or the real relationship. We will review how the patient responds to the analyst's interventions and how we can think about working with the  "here and now," and/or the "there and then" of the material.


Educational Objectives:

After reading the articles and through discussions the participant will be able to:


1)    Gain an understanding of theoretical models utilized in clinical treatment


2)    Conceptualize the application of theoretical models to evolving countertransference/transference dynamics in work with patients


3)    Understand how the clinician’s own experiences of their training, supervision, and treatment influences how one works with patients in therapy





Week 1      Classical Transcript


Paul Dewald, MD   The Psychoanalytic Process



Week 2  Ego Psychology


Paul Gray, MD The Ego and the Analysis of Defense   pp21-41



Week 3  Relational


Davies, J.M. (1998). Multiple Perspectives on Multiplicity. Psychoanal. Dial., 8:195-206.


Week 4 Interpersonal


Levenson, E.A. (1988). The Pursuit of the Particular—On the Psychoanalytic Inquiry. Contemp. Psychoanal., 24:1-16.






1)    Access to Zoom and instructions will be provided to participants upon registration

2)    Articles will be posted to a reserve library which participants will be able to access

3)    Articles between seminar members may not be forwarded to non-members.



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